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Known as a “Lanna” wedding, Thai traditional wedding ceremonies encompass all of the beauty and grace of the culture through music, dance, and ritual. Featuring all the vibrancy found in the structure of a temple, the bright and engaging ceremony can act as a timeless experience for those who choose this method of commitment. Offering an atmosphere no other public resort could match, Elements Boutique Resort & Spa is willing to arrange every aspects of the affair to a couples liking. Varying from the Western institution of marriage, the acts of the ceremony add an element of Thai tradition to the happiest day of a couple’s life.

Once vows have been made, the couple kneels together as a holy string – the “twin crown” – is draped from one to the other, connecting each individual to one another, as a symbol of their newfound spiritual union. After the wedding flower garlands are presented and placed on the couple, a white paste is placed on the forehead prior to the most significant act of the ceremony. As the most emotional experience for those in attendance, guests pour blessed water over the hands of the newlyweds – an act notorious for solidifying the pair’s commitment as life partners.

A variety of traditions exist in the Thai tradition that can either lengthen or minimize the ceremony. While the ceremony need be conducted in the presence of a monk, some partners choose to have monks involved and can be arranged for their involvement to attend in any desired capacity; monks can come in the early morning to bless the couple, the guests, and the ceremony or simply have a more hands-on involvement in the ceremony itself. For a discussion on the elements that would be preferable to incorporate or discard on the special day, Elements Boutique Resort & Spa Samui Wedding staff will be more than happy to determine the appropriate arrangements necessary to fulfill the traditional Thai ceremony fantasy.

Though Thai wedding ceremonies are generally not recognized legally by most governments, Elements Boutique Resort & Spa is more than glad to advise the appropriate wedding registration necessary for legal purposes. The marriage, though not directly affiliated with the Buddhist religion, is recognized by Buddhists as a sacred sacrament between two people.

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